What does derp mean?

Expression of stupidity

Derp is an interjection people use to point out their own or others' stupidity. For example, if you point out a flaw in your friend's logic, they may respond with "derp, I'm a dumb" - a signal that they understand their mistake.

What is the origin of derp?

Derp was popularized by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone (who may have picked up the nonsense word from the Muppets' Swedish Chef). In the duo's 1998 comedy Baseketball, Stone's character exclaims "Derp!" after he is caught examining a woman's vibrator. In 1999, Parker and Stone brought derp to South Park, in an episode in which Chef was briefly replaced by Mr. Derp. Mr. Derp performed many dumb-yet-funny slapstick gags, including hitting himself on the head with a hammer and saying "Derp!"

South Park writers continued including derp in episodes, and the word caught on among 4Chan users and other netizens. At this point, derp has gone viral, serving as the basis of several memes and entering many people's common lexicon.

Variants of derp

Because derp has been around awhile, it has several variants. For example, when you're being dumb, people might call you derpy - the adjective form of derp. Derp can also be extended to herp derp and herp de derp, which are primarily used to call out stupid or ignorant statements.


Derp! Nice comment, bro
A man who belives we might all be derps
A man who belives we might all be derps

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Updated January 7, 2022

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