Beer Jacket

What is a beer jacket?

The warmth felt when consuming alcohol

A beer jacket is a warmth a person feels after consuming alcohol, typically beer. The warmth feels similar to what you'd experience wearing a jacket.

Origin of beer jacket

The origin of the term beer jacket is unclear, but it dates back to at least the early 2000s. Most people that use it have been drinking (most likely inebriated) and are probably walking to their car or home from the bar without a coat when it's cold. They are also probably boasting that they don't need a real coat because they have a beer jacket.

Where does the beer jacket feeling come from?

Scientifically, when you drink alcohol, the blood vessels below your skin open up to allow more blood into them (and heat), making your skin feel warmer. However, the blood leaves your core to your vessels, which is unhealthy for your vital organs.


Dude, it's 10 degrees below zero, put a coat on!
It's all good. I got my beer jacket
Margot Robbie describing a beer jacket
Margot Robbie describing a beer jacket

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Updated December 20, 2022

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