What celebrity couple is bennifer short for?

Ben and Jennifer

Bennifer is the nickname given to the celebrity couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (JLo). It combines "Ben" and "Jennifer," who were in a relationship in the early-2000s, then a rekindled romance in 2021.

Where did Bennifer come from?

Ben and JLo began dating in July 2002 after filming the movie Gigli. They were immediately dubbed as "Bennifer" (Director Kevin Smith takes credit for the nickname), and the media ran with it, filling tabloids with pictures of them together. They eventually became engaged but the couple broke up in January 2004, partially due to the paparazzi's obsession with their romance.

The re-emergence of Bennifer

Ben and JLo eventually married and had kids with other people (Jennifer Garner and Marc Anthony). However, those marriages ended in divorce, and Ben and JLo reconnected in April 2021, 17 years after they split. Their romantic reunion led to the re-emergence of Bennifer.


Bennifer 2.0 is giving me hope to re-connect with my past loves
You should probably not follow the lead of celebrities when it comes to romantic decisions
Bennifer tweet
Bennifer tweet

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Updated July 27, 2021

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