What is jlo short for?

Jennifer Lopez

JLo, or J.Lo, is a nickname for Jennifer Lopez, a famous pop singer, actress, and dancer. The name comes from a combination of her first initial and her last name.

Where did JLo come from?

Rapper Heavy D is credited with giving her the name "JLo" when she entered the music industry in the late-1990s. The nickname stuck with her fans and she solidified it in 2001 when she named her second studio album "J.Lo."

Due to her success as an entertainer and her active love life, JLo has become a worldwide pop culture icon. You will most often see the nickname in the tabloids and on gossip websites or social media.


I can't believe that JLo is back with Ben. Bennifer forever!
JLo tweet
JLo tweet

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Updated July 28, 2021

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