What does BIAB stand for?

Back in a bit

When you need to briefly depart from an in-person or virtual gathering for a short time, you can send the participants "BIAB." People typically use it online and in text messages.

BIAB is an abbreviated version of the longer "BBIAB" acronym. Also, it is one of several acronyms that tell a person you will be back soon. Other options include "BRB" and "BBS."

Now, "a bit" is very subjective since it could be half of an hour or half of a day. Therefore, you should clarify with the sender when they will be back if any plans depend on their arrival.


Sry, I have 2 go check the oven for a sec. BIAB
BIAB means
BIAB means Back in a bit

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Updated August 16, 2021

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