What is a bloomer?

A well-adjusted 20-something

A bloomer is a 20-something who is optimistic, sure of themself, and possesses a go-getting attitude. Bloomers are often discussed in contrast to doomers, who are far less optimistic.

Where did bloomer originate?

In response to the doomer meme, an anonymous 4chan user posted an image of an upbeat Wojak-style character referred to as a bloomer. The bloomer smiles, wears a teal sweatshirt, and is often depicted surrounded by typical bloomer behaviors and feelings. (You can see a picture of the character below.)

As various -oomer words (including boomer, zoomer, doomer, and others) became more popular on social media and in forums, the bloomer meme and term began being used more frequently. Bloomer is most often used by and to describe men, as are many terms that originate on 4chan.

What is a broken bloomer?

A broken bloomer is a bloomer whose optimism has been challenged by life events. As a result, the broken bloomer is rethinking their life philosophy. Broken bloomers are often depicted wearing the same teal sweatshirt as bloomers, but half-laughing and -crying as though they don't know how to process the conflicting emotions they are feeling.


My niece is a total bloomer. She's always upbeat and positive. I don't know how she does it
The typical bloomer
The typical bloomer

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Updated April 20, 2021

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