What is a doomer?

A person who focuses on negative possibilities

A doomer is a person who believes that humanity and civilization are inherently evil (or at least apathetic), that civilization will inevitably collapse, and that there's no possible way to ignore or change these "facts." Doomers often express their feelings of frustration, depression, and despair on social media and in forums, such as Reddit's r/doomer subreddit.

Where did doomer originate?

The term doomer has been used since at least 2008, to describe those who believe society will inevitably collapse. However, doomer became more popular in 2018, when 4chan users linked the term to a Wojak-style character who wears a black hoodie and knit hat. This character is often depicted surrounded by typical doomer behaviors and feelings. (You can see a picture of the character below.)

The doomer meme increased social media and forum users' awareness of the term, and it also led to the term being used in several popular essays, papers, and articles.

How do doomers behave?

Because doomers believe most everything is meaningless, they are often depressed and engage in unhealthy behaviors, such as alcohol and drug abuse. However, despite their nihilism, some doomers continue to reach out to others for social interaction and engagement. Doomers may congregate on social media and in forums, to connect with others who understand the doomer mindset.


Brad's a total doomer - and this year, it's been hard to argue with him
The typical doomer
The typical doomer

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Updated April 20, 2021

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