What is Wojak?

A Microsoft Paint-created Internet character

Wojak is a descriptor used to categorize several related Microsoft Paint-created Internet characters. All these characters are variants of the original Wojak character, who is also known as Feels Guy. Feels Guy is a bald, melancholy man illustrated in black and white. (You can see a picture of the original Wojak character below.)

Where did Wojak originate?

Sometime around 2010, a user named Wojak posted the original Wojak illustration to a German imageboard called Krautchan. Wojak often posted the image alongside the phrase "That feel when ..." While Wojak was not the first user to post the Wojak image, their posts popularized it. As the image spread to other imageboards, it became known as "Wojak's face" and then, just Wojak.

How is Wojak used?

There are many, many Wojak variants in use around the Internet, including the I Know That Feel Bro Wojak meme, the doomer and bloomer memes, and countless others. Users (typically men) post these characters on forums and social media to express their feelings.

Some, though certainly not all, of the men who post Wojak memes are themselves doomers and incels. So, many Wojek memes are depressing and/or misogynistic. However, some Wojak memes, such as the doomer girl, have been co-opted by more cheerful and optimistic groups.


I can't keep any of these Wojak characters straight. What the heck is an NPC Wojak?
The original Wojak character
The original Wojak character

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Updated April 21, 2021

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