What does blud mean on social media?


On social media and in memes, blud is used the same way as bro and bruh. Like those terms, blud can stand in for any of "brother," "dude," "friend," or "my guy," depending on context.

For example, a Twitter user who posts "my blud is on fire" alongside a picture of LeBron James is impressed with LeBron's current performance. (Yes, this person thinks LeBron is their bro, and no, their blood is not on fire.)

Origin of blud

Blud originated within Jamaican English, in which it is used similarly to the word blood. This variant spelling features in at least one swearword, but can also be used to refer to family members and close friends (just like blood in American and British English).

Eventually, the British incorporated blud into British English, using it solely to refer to family members and close friends. In the 2010s and 2020s, blud's usage picked up online, and its meaning shifted closer to bro and bruh.


Blud, you ok?
Yes, blud can even refer to animals
Yes, blud can even refer to animals

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Updated May 19, 2023

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