What does blue-checked mean?

Verified on Twitter

Those who are hoping to get blue-checked are hoping to get verified on Twitter. Verification is a process Twitter uses to note accounts that are "authentic, notable, and active," according to the company's website. After a user is verified, a blue checkmark appears next to their name.

Why do people want to get blue-checked?

Most times, those who are actively seeking Twitter's blue checkmark are doing so because they view the checkmark as a status symbol. When your Twitter handle is blue-checked, the thinking goes, you're a big deal.

How do you get blue-checked on Twitter?

Until recently, no one really knew. Prior to 2021, Twitter's criteria for doling out blue checkmarks were inconsistent and somewhat arbitrary. Now, the company has written guidelines that explain what is meant by "authentic, notable, and active," and it allows all users to apply for blue checkmarks. If the user meets Twitter's critieria, they should be able to get blue-checked.


I got blue-checked yesterday, so I'm officially more famous than you.
The blue checkmark badge Twitter gives to verified users

The blue checkmark badge Twitter gives to verified users

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Updated May 25, 2021

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