What does blue-checked mean?

Verified on Twitter

A blue-checked Twitter user has a blue checkmark icon that appears next to their name. In the past, this checkmark was a status symbol, given out to verified "authentic, notable, and active" accounts that Twitter deemed worthy of a blue check. These accounts usually belonged to influencers, businesses, and celebrities. However, since Elon Musk bought Twitter, the exact mechanics by which accounts become blue-checked have been in flux.

How blue-checked changed under Elon Musk

Shortly after taking over Twitter, Musk announced Twitter Blue, a service that (among other things) allows users to pay to become blue-checked. Musk also announced that he would remove the blue checkmark from users who did not pay, regardless of their following or status.

This led to:

  • Several users purchasing a blue checkmark, changing their account info, and impersonating celebrities (including Musk himself)
  • Many previously blue-checked users stating they would not pay and did not want to keep their blue check
  • Musk and co. haphazardly removing, returning, and in some cases forcing blue checks upon previously verified users

At this point, there is no real rhyme or reason to why a Twitter user is blue-checked. However, some users (mostly those who have paid for it) still think being blue-checked is a status symbol.


I quit Twitter right around when the whole blue-checked debacle started kicking off
The blue checkmark badge Twitter gives to "verified" users
The blue checkmark badge Twitter gives to "verified" users

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Updated April 28, 2023

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