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What is a blue tick on X?

A verified X user

A "blue tick" on X (formerly known as Twitter) refers to the blue checkmark icon next to a user's name, which signifies that the user pays for X Premium or is a legacy-verified user not required to pay. People use blue tick one of two ways: 1) to refer to the blue checkmark (e.g., "He has a blue tick") or 2) to refer to a user who has a blue checkmark (e.g., "He is a blue tick").

Blue tick history

Before Elon Musk took over Twitter, the platform applied a blue tick to "authentic, notable, and active" accounts. These accounts typically belonged to well-known entities, such as companies, celebrities, and sports teams, and the blue tick verified their authenticity.

However, since November 2022, Musk removed blue ticks from verified accounts, making them only available to users who actively subscribe to X Premium. He has since given some previously verified accounts (such as NBA superstar LeBron James) a blue tick even though they aren't an X Premium subscriber.

Blue tick as an insult

Due to backlash toward Musk's subscribe-for-verification scheme, people on X may use blue tick to negatively describe users who have paid to verify their account (similar to blue-checked). Additionally, many X users associate the blue tick with followers of Musk, who hold the same beliefs and ideas as the entrepreneur.


My last post really riled up the blue ticks. Pray for me
Wow. RIP to your mentions
Question about handling blue ticks
Question about handling blue ticks

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Updated November 22, 2023

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