Boosted Ape

What does boosted ape mean in Roblox?

A player whose friends helped them win

When a Roblox player calls you a boosted ape, it means they think your friends are carrying you. This taunt implies that, despite having a high level or number of points, you are not actually good at a game. Instead, you are just good at being on the right team and/or having strong friends.

The ape part of boosted ape suggests you're simple, while the boosted part insinuates you've been boosted to greatness by your friends. However, if a salty Roblox player ever calls you a boosted ape, don't worry about it. The best thing you can do is to just ignore that player, and revel in your victory/points/levels instead.


Ur just a boosted ape, you could never win alone
... it's a team game

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Updated October 25, 2021

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