Get Oofed

What does get oofed mean?

Get wrecked

Get oofed means "get wrecked." Roblox players, especially, use this term to jokingly mock other players and also people IRL.

Roblox is a free-to-play MMOG that allows players to play dozens of different types of online games within one game platform. While the game is largely silly and does not force players into contentious situations, player characters can die in Roblox. When a character dies, they make an "oof" sound, leading players to coin the phrase "get oofed" and use it in place of "get wrecked" or "get rekt" when they kill another player or witness that player's death.

If you interact with a Roblox player in real life (especially a younger one), they might tell you to "get oofed" when they beat you at chess, see you fall off a hoverboard, or realize how old you are. They may, however, regain some respect for you when they realize that you know what "get oofed" means.


Ah, shoot, you sunk my battleship
Oh yeah get oofed, Uncle Matt!
TMW you get oofed
TMW you get oofed

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Updated April 28, 2023

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