What does oof mean?

Exclamation of pain or embarrassment

Oof is a sound effect people make when reacting to something painful or embarrassing. While people often verbally say it in person, they may also use it online when gaming and messaging.

Where did oof come from?

Oof came from the sound a person makes when being hit in the gut unexpectedly. The air leaving their lungs through their grimacing mouth makes an oof-like noise.

People have been using oof for years, but the term gained a boost of popularity in the late-2010s among gamers when the Roblox video game featured a sound effect of a kid saying "oof." Roblox played the oof noise when a player died in the game, and it was somewhat comedic since it seemed out of place.

How is oof used?

Gamers began using oof to react to others' painful and embarrassing moments. For example, if a veteran gamer gets pwnd by a noob, people streaming the match may comment, "Oof."

Non-gamers also use oof to call out other people's or their own tragically embarrassing moments. Like when a guy gets shot down by his crush in a DM or when a celebrity owns a troll on Twitter.


She broke up with him at his family's Christmas during dinner in front of everyone
Oof meme
Oof meme

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Updated January 20, 2022

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