Boy Dinner

What is a boy dinner on TikTok?

A junk food dinner

TikTokers use "boy dinner" to describe a stereotypical dinner a boy might throw together from his fridge, freezer, and/or pantry. For example, a user's boy dinner might consist of a frozen pizza, potato chips, and a soda.

Origin of boy dinner

Boy dinner is a direct offshoot of the viral phrase girl dinner. TikTokers use girl dinner to describe a simple yet healthy meal they assembled from their foodstuffs. (Often, these dinners' contents are arranged artfully upon a plate or charcuterie board.) In contrast, TikTokers use boy dinner to describe a meal that consists of foods no one should put in their body.

TikToker @bryaninheelee is often credited with coining the phrase boy dinner, in a July 2023 video. In that video, @bryaninheelee says to imagine the contents of a typical single man's grocery basket, when thinking about what might comprise a boy dinner.


Boy dinner wrecks me these days; my body can't break that stuff down
Wow, sucks to get old, huh?
A still from @bryaninheelee's boy dinner video
A still from @bryaninheelee's boy dinner video

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Updated July 21, 2023

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