What is a Kyle?

A basic white boy

A Kyle is a basic white boy who loves drinking Monster energy drinks, playing video games, and listening to heavy metal. Social media and forum users use Kyle as a derogatory label - applied to teen boys and immature men who are acting angry, stupid, or both.

What is the origin of Kyle?

The Kyle label is derived from a 2015 Vine video called White kid fight, posted by user Nick Colletti. In the video, Colletti yells at an offscreen character named Kyle.

Ever since, social media users have used the name Kyle to describe angry white boys who have nothing better to do than play video games, drink energy drinks, and shout at each other. However, the Kyle label did not go viral until 2019, when it was used in a tweet that showed a Kyle stockpiling Monster energy drinks and punching a hole in a wall.

Other slang names like Kyle

Kyle is just one of many name-related slang terms that social media users like to throw around. You may also see users referred to as Karens, Chads, Felicias, or Beckys. Each of these names is associated with its own set of traits or behaviors.


Stop being such a Kyle and calm down already
A wonderful Kyle meme
A wonderful Kyle meme

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Updated December 17, 2021

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