Girl Dinner

What is a girl dinner on TikTok?

A charcuterie board-esque dinner

TikTokers use "girl dinner" to describe a stereotypical dinner a girl might throw together from her fridge, freezer, and/or pantry. For example, a user's girl dinner might consist of bread, cheese, fruit, nuts, and pickled vegetables, arranged artfully upon a plate or charcuterie board.

Origin of girl dinner

In May 2023, TikToker @liviemaher coined the phrase girl dinner while describing the similarities between her ideal dinner and a medieval peasant's typical meal. After showing off her dinner of bread, grapes, cheese, and pickles, @liviemaher referred to it as her girl dinner.

Other (mostly female) TikTokers quickly picked up this phrase and started showing off their own girl dinners. These food-focused videos prompted some discourse about whether the "typical" girl dinner is actually a sufficient meal. They also gave rise to the boy dinner trend.


I love a good girl dinner. That's the kind of stuff I take with me when I'm camping
Right? You don't have to cook, and it's healthy!
A still from the original girl dinner video
A still from the original girl dinner video

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Updated July 21, 2023

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