Boy Math

What is boy math?

Male logic

Boy math is a social media trend that has nothing to do with mathematics. Instead, people use it on social sites, including TikTok and X (formerly known as Twitter), to criticize the rationale some men employ to guide their thoughts and actions (often denigrating women).

For example, a woman may post on social media, "boy math is thinking all women are gold diggers when you have no gold." Or, your friend may message you, "My ex was all about boy math. He ghosted me instead of just telling me the truth."

Origin of boy math

The "boy math" trend is a response to the "girl math" trend popularized in the summer of 2023 that made fun of how females stereotypically rationalize things, such as expensive purchases or guys they date. The boy math trend began in August 2023, mostly on X (formerly known as Twitter), to ridicule the behavior of some men. While some uses are innocuous, such as lying about their height, others are more serious, like criticizing men for justifying not paying child support.


Boy math is being 6'3" but being shorter than your 5'10" date
Yikes. I'm sorry he lied on his dating profile. :(
Boy math post critical of men's relationship skills
Boy math post critical of men's relationship skills

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Updated September 28, 2023

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