What is bracketology?

Predicting who will win a tournament

Bracketology is the attempt to predict the results of a tournament. The name comes from brackets that fans fill out when trying to pick the competitors that will win each matchup in a tournament.

While you may see or hear analysts and fans use bracketology in various competitions, you will most likely encounter it during March Madness. "Experts" on ESPN and CBS often engage in bracketology the days leading up to the tournament.

Bracketology may appear in all sorts of forms, from analytical to wacky. Some examples include comparing RPI, picking favorite teams, choosing based on mascots and team colors, and rolling dice.


Since March Madness is so big, there should be a class offered on bracketology
I'd be all about that

Predicting March Madness requires a crystal ball

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Updated March 17, 2023

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