British Exit

What is a British exit?

Leaving in a disruptive manner

A British exit is when a person leaves in an incredibly disruptive and sometimes violent way. The name comes from Brits leaving pubs in a crazed manner, sometimes getting in verbal or physical (or both) fights.

It is unclear who coined the term, but it gained popularity in 2022. Typically, you will see British exits at parties when people drink too much alcohol and start to make poor choices. For example, you might disallow Brandon from coming to your birthday party because of his British exit after the football game that broke your door.

A British exit is the opposite of a French exit or Irish goodbye, which is when someone slips away quietly. People may also refer to Brexit as the "British exit."

Keep in mind that some people may consider British exit offensive. Therefore, be mindful of how and when you use the term.


There's no way Kyle is coming over after his British exit on Thursday
Agreed. He is cray

Reaction to a British exit

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Updated July 25, 2022

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