Cracked has 2 meanings
1. What does cracked mean?


Cracked is another way to say "crazy," which may describe something amazingly good or really bizarre. People may use it in various contexts but most often use it when gaming online.

How do I use cracked?

In gaming, a cracked player is someone who is playing in an epically crazy-good manner. He may be rattling off headshots and defeating hordes of enemy players single-handedly, or he may complete a whole level unscathed while achieving a record in points.

In other contexts, such as real-life in-person conversation or on social media, a person who is cracked may be acting erratically, or a really bizarre situation may be described as cracked. For example, a person who just admitted to cheating on her partner may be labeled as cracked, or a terrible paint job on a new whip might be criticized as cracked.


He told me he spent all his life savings on a Jake Paul NFT
Wow, that's cracked

Reaction to something cracked

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Updated May 10, 2021
2. What does cracked mean when gaming?

Low health

When an enemy is low on health in a video game, the enemy is "cracked." The name comes from Fortnite when an enemy's shield is broken and an audible "crack sound" occurs and appears on the screen.

After breaking through an enemy's shield in Fortnite, a player can begin to chip away at the enemy's actual health. Typically, a player will alert his teammates when an enemy is cracked so they know they can soon finish him or her off.

Cracked is similar to saying you "smell blood in the water," which is when an enemy is vulnerable to defeat. While it is often used in Fortnite, you can use it in other video games.

Since cracked may also mean "crazy good" it may cause confusion when using it. In these situations, context will help other gamers understand what you are attempting to communicate.


This guy is cracked, help me finish him off!
Cracked enemy in Borderlands 2
Cracked enemy in Borderlands 2

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Updated August 11, 2021

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