What does bsf mean?

Best friend

A "BSF" is a best friend. It's the person you share all your secrets with, the person who is with you at the highest and lowest moments in your life, and the person that will always have your back.

Where does BSF come from?

BSF is simply three letters taken from "best friend." It became popular among teenagers online, especially on social media, and in text messages in the late-2010s as an alternative to the popular BFF acronym.

Who uses BSF?

Tween and teen girls typically use BSF, but guys and young adults may use it, as well. Older adults usually stick with BFF, but they may use BSF to sound cool. Boomers often just say "best friend."

Other slang to refer to your best friend

There are many options for referring to your best friend, including BFF, bestie, BFF4L, biffles, bae, BFTD, IBF, and day one. And Juslim for all those Jewish and Muslim best friends.


Jenny is cray cray!
Nobody talks about my BSF that way!
Gettin tats with your BSF
Gettin tats with your BSF

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Updated April 1, 2021

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