What does ibfs mean?

Internet best friends

People that met online and are best friends are known as "ibfs," which means "Internet best friends." These close friends typically only interact online or they may be friends IRL, but originally met on the web.

Where does ibfs come from?

The abbreviation comes from the IBF acronym, which became popular in the mid-2010s, and stands for "Internet best friend." Internet users added the "s" to IBF to make it plural, which also makes it an acronym/abbreviation hybrid. During the covid pandemic, ibfs became more popular as many people became more active online to look for connection with others.

Who uses ibfs?

Online tweens, teens, and young adults are the most common users of ibfs. They may use it to describe a friend they have grown really close with via a social site, such as TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook, Zoom calls, or online gaming.

Other slang to refer to your best friend

Ibfs is great for referring to a best friend online, but there are many other alternatives. Some include BFF, bestie, BFF4L, biffles, bae, bsf, BFTD, and day one.


Jack and Kimbra are my new fav ibfs. I've spent so much time on Zoom with them
Realizing you have more ibfs than real-life friends
Realizing you have more ibfs than real-life friends

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Updated March 31, 2021

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