What does IBF stand for?

Internet best friend

Your best friend on the Internet is your "IBF." An IBF is most likely someone you only interact with online, but it may be a close friend you originally met on the web and are now IRL friends.

Where did IBF come from?

The origins of IBF are unclear but it became popular in the mid-2010s as more people, especially teenagers, began turning to the Internet for companionship. This was partially due to the rise of social networking and online gaming sites, increased smartphone usage, and wider access to the Internet. Then, due to the covid pandemic in 2020, many people went online for friendship and made ibfs around the world.

Who uses IBF?

Most people that use IBF are online tweens, teens, and young adults. They may use it to describe a friend they have grown really close with via a chatroom, an online fandom forum, Zoom calls, online gaming sessions, or a social site, such as TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook.

Other slang to refer to your best friend

While IBF is specific to best friends online, there are other options for referring to a best friend. Some include BFF, bestie, bae, BFF4L, biffles, bsf, BFTD, and day one.


Paco is becoming my new IBF. I love his taste in anime
Shout-out tweet to an IBF
Shout-out tweet to an IBF

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Updated April 1, 2021

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