What is a buzzkill?

Something that spoils a good mood

Buzzkill is when something abruptly ruins the good mood or vibe others are experiencing. For example, if a group of friends is having fun hanging out, and one of the friends reminds everyone that every heartbeat brings them closer to death, the friends might say, "Thanks for the buzzkill, Todd."

The term is well known, with people using it in just about every context, including in person, in messages, and online. Even if accidental, buzzkills are always a bummer and may come in various shapes and sizes. For example, an insult, a revealed secret, the arrival of a guest, or lousy weather all qualify as buzzkills.

Origin of buzzkill

It is unclear who first coined the slang term "buzzkill." But the word dates back to the early 1990s (at least) and comes from the purposeful or accidental killing of a high (often referred to as a "buzz").


Who invited Jeff to the party?
IDK, but he's the biggest buzzkill
Last time I got stuck listening to his earwax story for 20 minutes
Tweet complaining about serious comments on a funny post being a buzzkill
Tweet complaining about serious comments on a funny post being a buzzkill

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Updated June 1, 2023

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