What does CCL stand for?

Couldn't care less

Don't have a strong opinion about a matter? Let people know with CCL (couldn't care less). This acronym is an easy way to express your indifference.

For example, don't care where you and your SO go out to eat this evening? Let them know by sending "You pick, I CCL!" Or, when your friend asks you what you're doing to prevent climate change, send them "Nothing, I CCL about what state the planet's in after I die."

However, don't be overzealous in your use of CCL. There's a point at which not having an opinion makes you seem annoying, rather than amenable.


Do you think we should buy down our interest rate?
I dunno, CCL
You should care, Greg, this is a big decision. Maybe we shouldn't be buying a house together

A man who CCL

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Updated November 20, 2022

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