D/c has 2 meanings
1. What does d/c mean online?


D/c is when you get disconnected online, whether from a gaming session, messaging conversation, or the Internet altogether. People often use the abbreviation to tell others why they suddenly disappeared from an activity and are not responding or participating.

For example, your connection to a messaging service may have been interrupted as you were conversing with a friend, and when you return, you say, "sorry about that. i got d/c from the app somehow." Or, you were at a pivotal point in a gaming quest, and your WiFi dropped out, prompting you to text your friend, "im so mad. i got d/c from the internet and am trying to get back on."


Sorry, I got d/c. Back online now
Gotcha. I was wondering what happened

It's easy to be d/c when in the woods

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Updated October 17, 2023
2. What does D/c stand for?

Don't care

D/C sums up a feeling of indifference when you just don't care about a situation's outcome, someone's future, etc. For example, if you are feeling bummed out, you might reply with "I D/C anymore" when warned about showing up late for work.

People most often use D/C when texting or messaging online. However, they may also use it on social media or in emails.

While people typically use it when they are sad or lethargic, they may also use it when they are flexible and don't care strongly enough one way or another. For example, if you like all sorts of food, you might reply with "D/C. Maybe something cheap" when asked what you want for dinner.


Do you wanna meet at my place or your place tonight?
D/c, w/e u prefer

Stanley has perfected the D/C look

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Updated June 28, 2022

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