What does being the CEO of something mean?

The best at

Being the CEO of something means you are the very best (or at least incredibly exceptional) at doing that thing. For example, Batman is the CEO of detectives, Al Roker is the CEO of TV meteorology, and Kim Kardashian is the CEO of being famous for no reason.

TikTok users, especially, like to say that other users are the CEO of something - whether it be twerking, waffles, giving high fives, or the year 1957. CEO, of course, still means chief executive officer, but in this context, there is no actual company involved - just a GOAT social media champion, showing off their sick skills.


Can you believe Serena Williams won again? That woman's the CEO of female tennis

To be the CEO of something means to be the best at it

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Updated October 7, 2020

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