COO has 2 meanings
1. What does COO stand for?

Chief operating officer

An acronym for one of the highest executive positions in a company; often reports to the CEO and is responsible for the daily operating duties of the company.


I'll contact the COO about the numbers and he may pass it on to the CEO if he deems it necessary

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Updated January 21, 2015
2. What is coo short for?


Coo is another way to say "cool" in texts and online messages. There is no clear reason why the abbreviation exists (it may be because it sounds cooler or people want to save on characters when space is limited).

People may use it when describing something they think is "rad" or "neat," or as a way to agree with someone's statement (like bet). For example, your friend may message you, "jay-zs recent track was coo. u hear it?" Or you may text your buddy, "canes for dinner tonite?" and he responds with, "coo. ill get the usual."


ill be late tonite
das coo man, no prob

Pigeons are a big fan of coo

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Updated March 21, 2024

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