What kind of person is a Chreaster?

A person who only attends church during Christmas and Easter

A Chreaster is a person who attends church only on Christmas and Easter. The person typically only comes because it is tradition and/or his family is forcing him to come.

The term comes from the combination of "Christmas" and "Easter." Christmas and Eastertime are when churches typically see an influx of attenders because of the significance the holidays represent in Jesus' life. Christmas is when Christians celebrate Jesus' birth and Easter is when Christians celebrate Jesus' resurrection after dying on the cross.

Chreasters may attend Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services and Easter Sunday services. The reason they go may be because they grew up going and are sentimental. Or they may attend because their family goes and they want to spend time with them.


We have to focus on what to do to get chreasters to keep coming after Easter this year

Some chreasters may not be used to long sermons

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Updated April 16, 2020

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