What does TYLJ stand for online?

Thank you Lord Jesus

TYLJ is an acronym used in Christian circles to thank Jesus for something. Christians often use it online in response to good news, such as a job promotion or a cancer-free diagnosis, to give Jesus the credit.

For example, if your friend texts you that he bought his dream house, you might reply with "TYLJ! Such great news!" Or, you might post a story on social media about a found lost child and caption it, "Amazing! TYLJ!"

While most people use TYLJ online on social media or when messaging and emailing, they may also use it when texting. For example, your sister may text you announcing that she's pregnant, and you reply, "I know this has been so difficult for you. I'm so happy! TYLJ."


The accident looked pretty bad, but fortunately nobody was hurt

Whitney using TYLJ at an awards ceremony

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Updated October 3, 2023

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