What does WWJD mean to Christians?

What would Jesus do

WWJD is a common saying among Christians often featured in apparel, such as bracelets, shirts, and sweatshirts. The acronym asks what Jesus would do in a specific situation to challenge Christians to act more like Jesus instead of giving in to their impulses.

Besides clothing, you will likely see Christians (and some non-Christians) use the acronym online in forums or social media to remind others how Jesus would respond. For example, your friend might post an encounter with a homeless person yelling with the caption, "Instead of thinking about how I could get out of the subway car or get this man to stop yelling, I thought WWJD. So I bought him a meal and prayed for him after talking for an hour."

Origin of WWJD

It is unclear who first used the "WWJD" acronym, but various sources claim WWJD comes from the 1896 book In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do? by Charles Sheldon. The "WWJD" acronym eventually became popular in the 1990s among Christians, especially teenagers. They'd wear WWJD bracelets to remind themselves how to act like Jesus in everyday life. Although, its overuse watered down its meaning and eventually became a status symbol to alert others that they were Christian.


WWJD if He was in your position?
He'd probably tell the truth no matter what
Bingo. It might be hard to do but it's the right thing to do
Tweet about the old WWJD bracelet while challenging other Christians
Tweet about the old WWJD bracelet while challenging other Christians

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Updated May 22, 2023

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