1. What does CICU stand for?

Cardiac intensive care unit

A medical acronym for the special department of a hospital that provides intensive care for patients with heart problems; staffed by highly trained doctors and nurses, along with the most advanced technology, for treating persons with heart-related problems.


I'm so thankful we live so close to a hospital with a CICU, it's really made this whole ordeal much more bearable

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Updated March 4, 2015
2. What does CICU stand for?

Can I see you?

When someone sends you CICU (can I see you), they want to meet IRL. More specifically, they likely want to meet up for a romantic encounter of some kind.

For example, a smitten potential SO may ask "CICU again tonight?" if your previous date went well. Hopefully, you want to see and talk to the person who sent you CICU, and they're not being a complete creeper.


CICU 1 more time b4 u go on vacation?
No, John, please stop texting me

A CICU moment

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Updated September 26, 2022

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