What is meds short for?


Meds is an abbreviation that usually refers to a medical prescription (Rx) a person takes for a sickness or other health condition. For example, your friend may message you, "brb, i gotta go take my pain meds."

People may use meds in various contexts, including in person, online, and in messages. For example, you may be talking to your elderly parent, "Mom, you gotta stay on top of your meds. You can't skip days." Or, you might post in your social media cancer support group, "Anyone have any adverse reaction to their meds?"

You might also encounter people using meds to describe craziness. For example, if your brother is acting incredibly silly, you might jokingly ask, "You off your meds again? ;)"


I've been feeling better on the new meds my doctor gave me
That's great to hear. LMK if you need anything
Reddit post about anxiety meds
Reddit post about anxiety meds

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Updated November 8, 2023

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