What does cipher mean?

An informal dance or rap gathering

A cipher is a term for a planned or impromptu gathering of rappers or dancers where they freestyle rap or dance. The gathering may be just for fun or for the purpose of battling with each other.

Ciphers are used by dancers and rappers for practicing their craft with others without much structure to constrain the flow. It is similar to when musicians gather for a jam session in a garage where it is more about the love of the craft rather than being perfect. While cipher typically refers to people who are actually participating in the dance or rap, the term may also refer to onlookers that gather around a dancer or rapper. The term may also be spelled as "cypher."


Wow, that was a dope cipher.
Yeah, his bars were insane!
An impromptu cipher

An impromptu cipher

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Updated October 16, 2017

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