What does Civ mean in gaming?


Gamers use Civ as shorthand for games in the Civilization series. Typically, this abbreviation is paired with a number (e.g. Civ 5, Civ VI) to denote exactly which Civ game a person is talking about.

What is Civilization?

Civilization (often referred to as Sid Meier's Civilization) is a turn-based strategy series in which players attempt to develop a fledgling civilization into a political, technological, and/or cultural power, thereby achieving victory against the game's other players. The first game in the series was released in 1991. Numerous sequels are available for PCs and nearly every gaming console.

Where am I likely to see Civ used?

You're most likely to see Civ used in gaming forums or while chatting with your gaming friends. The Civ series is quite popular, having sold more than 40 million copies as of 2017. So most gamers have at least some knowledge of Civ.


I still can't believe that time we played Civ and you straight-up betrayed me
A fan's thoughts on a potential addition to Civ VII
A fan's thoughts on a potential addition to Civ VII

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Updated October 4, 2022

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