City Boy

What is a city boy?

A man with no regard for women

A city boy is a man who doesn't let women "get in the way" of his goals or lifestyle. This term originated on social media in 2019, as a response to that summer's Hot Girl Summer trend, but saw a resurgence on TikTok in June 2022.

What was City Boy Summer?

Hot Girl Summer celebrated female confidence and empowerment. In contrast (and direct response), City Boy Summer celebrated men acting indifferently and/or toxically toward women. This negative trend became popular enough that many male social media users began posting videos of themselves ignoring or behaving poorly toward women. In these videos, the men referred to themselves as city boys.

When did city boys begin trending again?

While city boy content never completely disappeared from social media, it returned with a vengeance in summer 2022. On TikTok, videos with the #cityboy and #cityboys hashtags garnered millions of views, and showed men telling off, deriding, or talking about cheating on women. Many of these videos included a viral, out-of-context clip from the animated TV show Gravity Falls, in which a character yells "City boyyy! City boyyyy!"


For people who think women are worthless, city boys sure spend a lot of time thinking about them
A typical tweet from a city boy
A typical tweet from a city boy

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Updated September 9, 2022

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