1. What does cheese mean in online gaming?

Exploitative strategy

In gaming, a cheese strategy is one that abuses an overly-powerful ability or exploits a game mechanic to produce an easy win. For example, in fighting games, spamming the same move over and over without giving the opponent time to respond is considered a cheese strategy.

Players' opinions about what types of strategies are cheesy differ, so cheesing often proves contentious. Also, while cheese strategies are strong, they tend to require that a player goes "all-in" on them - meaning they fall apart quickly if an opponent figures out how to beat them.


He always tries to cheese on this map because he can't win in a straight-up game
One gamer's (ironically) balanced take on cheese
One gamer's (ironically) balanced take on cheese

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Updated February 15, 2022
2. What does cheese mean in baseball?

Good fastball

If a pitcher throws "cheese," they have a good fastball in baseball. The pitch is better than a typical fastball because it has something extra on it, such as more velocity or some movement.

For example, an announcer may declare, "Lopez can get ahead of his hitters because of the cheese in his arsenal." Or, a player may let his teammate know after striking out, "He's throwing cheese today. Buckle up."

Origin of cheese

It is unclear where cheese as baseball slang originated; it dates back to the 1980s. The term birthed the cheddar term, which means the same thing. You may also hear or see announcers, players, and fans use "high cheese" for fastballs high in the strike zone or "easy cheese" when a pitcher effortlessly pitches an impressive fastball in the strike zone.


The pitcher is throwing some cheese tonight, good luck hitters
We are gonna see a lot of baffled hitters

deGrom dealing high cheese for a K

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Updated May 9, 2024

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