Collab House

What is a collab house?

A house full of social media influencers

A collab house is a house populated by social media influencers. The influencers are handpicked and sponsored by a talent manager or agency that foots the bill for the house, in return for a cut of the influencers' earnings. Most collab houses are located in Los Angeles, and they include the rooms and items you'd expect in an L.A. mansion.

The (usually teen or young adult) influencers who live at collab houses work together to produce viral social media content. Much of this content is sponsored by sponsors that the influencers' manager has secured. Collab house groups also tour the country and sometimes star in reality TV shows.

Because collab houses are business ventures that depend on a group of young adults and talent management that often does not have those young adults' best interests at heart, the houses tend to be volatile and short-lived. The young adults who live at collab houses often burn out quickly, and the houses are frequently called out for being mismanaged and exploitative.


Did you see that the Girls in the Valley collab house broke up? I wonder why

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Updated May 24, 2021

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