TikTok House

What is a TikTok house?

A house full of TikTok influencers

A TikTok house is a collab house populated by TikTok influencers. The TikTokers are viral superstars who have been assembled by a talent manager or agency, in hopes of making money from sponsorships and/or a reality television deal.

Most TikTok houses are L.A. mansions that are supposed to serve as an interesting backdrop for TikTok videos and reflect the TikTokers' status. However, the TikTokers who have been recruited to live in these mansions are usually teens or young adults, who may or may not have ever lived in L.A. or a mansion before (to say nothing of having a job). These influencers are tossed into mansions, given a lot of money to record themselves dancing, and used to promote makeup and chicken tenders. In short, things sometimes get wild in TikTok houses.

If this business model sounds exploitative, it's because it often is. The managers who run TikTok houses often take advantage of the young adults they've hired, and TikTokers often burn out quickly after joining a TikTok house.


I can't believe what happened at Clubhouse BH. That was my favorite TikTok house

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Updated May 24, 2021

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