What does CPE stand for?

Coolest Person Ever

Someone who says you're the CPE thinks you're the "coolest person ever." Congrats, you're cool! And if you want to continue feeling kewl, you should stop reading this definition here.

Didn't stop reading? OK then, here's some real talk: CPE is most often used sarcastically. For example, if you just spent the last hour gushing about your miniature tin flute collection, and your friend replied with "Wow, ur the CPE," they likely do not actually think you're the coolest person ever. In fact, they probably think YRAG. (Shame on your friend, though. Obscure musical instruments are cool!)


Thanks so much, you are the CPE!
No, you are!

The real CPE wouldn't attempt to assert their coolness

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Updated December 4, 2020

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