What does cushty mean?


Cushty is a British slang term for when something is excellent. People often use it to describe a feeling of pleasure or goodness or as a way to agree with a statement or express contentment.

For example, if you text your brother if he wants to go in on a present, and he replies with "cushty. send me what i owe you." Or, you might ask your British friend how he's doing, and he replies, "Cushty. Just watched Dr. Who on the telly."

Origin of cushty

The slang term "cushty" comes from the "kushtipen" word in the Romani (or Romany) Gypsy language. It is considered Cockney (a dialect of British English often spoken by working-class Londoners) slang.


You wanna grab a pint after this?
Cushty, mate!
Redditor appreciation of the unique yellow vehicle
Redditor appreciation of the unique yellow vehicle

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Updated December 4, 2023

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