What does CRAT mean in messages?

Can't remember a thing

CRAT is when your memory fails you, and you have no recollection of a person, occurrence, etc. It is similar to when you have a brain fart (shortened as bf or b/f), which is when your intelligence takes a brief vacay.

For example, your brother may ask if you remember the name of your old neighbor with the annoying dog, and you reply with, "I totally forgot about him. I don't remember his name, either. CRAT!" Or, you might ask your friend if she remembers your email password, and she replies, "crat. srry. :(" When particularly frustrated with their lapse in memory, people may use the CRAFT acronym.


do you remember where you put the keys?
not sure, crat
That CRAT feeling
That CRAT feeling

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Updated November 14, 2023

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