Crows Before Hoes

What does crows before hoes mean?

Guy friends are more important than romantic interests

Crows before hoes means guy friends are more important than female romantic interests. The phrase comes from Game of Thrones and is often used by fans of the show.

The term is a parody of the popular "bros before hoes" saying with the same meaning. The "crows" part comes from Game of Thrones, which refers to the Night's Watch, a brotherhood sworn to the protection of the Wall from Wildlings and Whitewalkers. The brotherhood's pact lasts until death, which means that the men cannot get married, thus the "guys come before women" sentiment.


Dude, u can't go on a date 2nite, we r going 2 the game , crows before hoes!
Jon Snow from Game of Thrones
Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

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Updated April 21, 2016

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