What is a crush?

A person who is the object of someone's affection

A crush is someone you have romantic feelings for, such as a cute schoolmate, attractive co-worker, or likable celebrity. People may also use it as a verb, as in "George has a crush on Juanita."

Where does crush come from?

There are various claims to the origins of crush. One of the most prominent explanations is that it comes from the late 19th century as a variation of "mash," which was common slang for flirting at the time.

Crush gained popularity through the 20th century and people still commonly use it in the 21st century. For example, if your friend is flirting with someone, you might tease them that they have a new crush.

Characterstics of a crush

Attraction is very subjective. A person may develop a crush on someone based on their appearance, mannerisms, personality, profession, etc. However, a crush typically is a temporary infatuation with someone you just met or don't know well. Once you get to know the person, the crush feeling wears off, and you move towards love, friendship, or disillusionment (in some cases).


Are you finally gonna talk to your crush during lunch?
Probs not. Too scary

How you feel when thinking about your crush

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Updated August 23, 2022

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