What is a husbando?

A fictional man that a real person has a crush on

When a superfan has a crush on a fictional man, they may refer to that character as their husbando. This slang term is most often used by anime, manga, and video game fans who have grown fond of a male protagonist. It is a derivative of the more-popular waifu.

A fan's feelings for and devotion to their husbando can vary. Some might casually refer to their favorite male character as their husbando. Others might plaster their house with posters, statues, and other merchandise related to their husbando, to express their affection for their fictional SO.


Qifrey from Witch Hat Atelier is my husbando. I have so many posters of him.
A Twitter user showing off their husbando
A Twitter user showing off their husbando

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Updated April 1, 2022

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