What role is a CSM in business?

Customer Success Manager

CSM is a business role responsible for managing potential customers into active customers while also focusing on fostering loyalty from them during their time with the company. They typically fill the space between a sales representative and customer support, proactively supporting customers.

For example, a CSM may look for potential customer issues and rectify them instead of reacting to them as they emerge (like a customer service representative). Other things a CSM may do include advocating for customers to ensure they feel valued, helping them see the value of the business' services, products, etc., and keeping them engaged to avoid losing them.

The rise of CSM roles in the late 2010s (especially in large tech companies) coincided with a shift in business models as companies moved from one-time purchases to subscriptions/recurring payments (e.g., MRR, ARR, etc.). To ensure customer satisfaction and business retention in this new landscape, companies introduced and implemented CSM positions.


Have you checked out our company's CSM opening? With your knowledge of our company and previous sales and customer support roles, you'd be a great fit
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Redditor describing their CSM experience
Redditor describing their CSM experience

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Updated April 8, 2024

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