What is cyr short for in messages?

Call your

Cyr is an abbreviation people often use in a sentence when referring to calling a person's phone (likely asking or telling someone to call a person's phone). For example, you may text your friend, "I tried to cyr cell phone, but it went str8 2 vm."

While the cyr abbreviation is uncommon, you might see it in messages online and texts. However, since it is rare, you will likely confuse the recipient and negate the purpose of the abbreviation by having to explain its meaning. Therefore, you should only use the abbreviation with slang-savvy people.


You should cyr mom and let her know where your are so she doesn't worry
Will do
You will likely see cyr in messages online and in texts
You will likely see cyr in messages online and in texts

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Updated August 7, 2023

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