Daddy Praising

What is daddy praising?

Praising a dad for performing simple parenting duties

Daddy praising is when a person praises a dad for performing the simplest of fatherly duties, such as changing diapers or playing with kids. The praising may be communicated in various ways, including in-person compliments or online comments.

Daddy praising is typically done by females that are impressed by dads just making an effort. The females may have grown up with a father who wasn't involved in their lives or parented kids with dads who didn't try much.

Many people believe that daddy praising is a product of a greater societal problem, where dads aren't expected to do much as parents but moms are expected to be perfect, nurturing parents. The unattainable expectation of mothers leads to "Mom shaming," which is when moms are criticized for their parenting choices.

Some examples of daddy praising include complimenting dads that are involved in the education of their kids, help with bedtime, get kids dressed in the morning, and feed them meals. The term may also appear as "Daddy-praising" or "Dad praising."


The women were daddy praising him in the mall when he changed Danny's diaper

Daddy Praising means praising a dad for performing simple parenting duties

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Updated September 25, 2019

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