Deep Cut

What does deep cut mean?

An obscure work or reference

Deep cut means "a lesser-known piece of work." Most often, fans of bands and musicians use this term to refer to less popular songs in artists' oeuvres. Music lovers coined the term back when records were more popular, and less-popular songs were physically located "deep" within a record's grooves.

However, while the term deep cut began its life describing only obscure music, it is now used to describe any obscure piece of media, as well as obscure pieces of trivia. For example, Star Wars fans who can reference the Star Wars Holiday Special and Quinlan Vos have knowledge of some nerdy deep cuts.


What's your favorite Van Morrison song?
That's tough, but I think it's Irish Heartbeat
Oh wow, that's such a deep cut

There's a reason the Star Wars Holiday Special is a deep cut

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Updated November 9, 2020

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